Scope of Work

Curriculum Development for Life Course Immunization Course for Immunization Professionals

The Sabin Vaccine Institute (Sabin) seeks a consultant to support a short-term engagement to develop virtual life course immunization curriculum for national and sub-national immunization professionals.

  1. Boost Community Overview

Boost, a program of the Sabin Vaccine Institute (Sabin), seeks to foster a global community that enables immunization professionals to connect with peers and experts, learn skills that build capacity and advance careers and lead immunization programs in challenging contexts. Developed in close, ongoing collaboration with immunization partners, experts and professionals, the community is linked by an online platform with over 1,300 immunization professionals from 127 countries.

  1. Background

According to data collected by the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, Gavi and Sabin through the Boost community, COVID-19 has interrupted routine childhood immunization services on a global scale that may be unprecedented since the inception of expanded programs on immunization in the 1970s. COVID-19 is a catalyst to initiate life course-focused work, as the vaccine will need to target populations outside of well establish childhood immunization systems. WHO is working with partners to define the elements necessary to globally operationalize its Life Course & Integration strategic priority from Immunization Agenda 2030, which focuses on establishing integrated delivery points between immunization and other public health interventions for different target age groups. As a complement to the role WHO will play, Gavi is well positioned to drive the life course and integration work into country programming. Gavi’s Vaccine and Equity goals in their 5.0 strategy support both scaling up coverage of vaccines to prevent endemic and epidemic diseases as well as taking a life course and integrated approach to immunization. Sabin will use the framing and strategy that WHO and Gavi have built – and are continuing to develop – to strengthen life course immunization capacity to support the introduction and equitable distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine by developing and launching a virtual life course immunization course on the Boost platform for a global audience of immunization professionals.

  1. Life Course Immunization Course

The primary goal of this virtual course is to convene national and sub-national immunization professionals to learn about emerging and best practices in life course immunization and to engage with their peers around adaptive challenges they are facing related to life course immunization and the COVID-19 crisis more broadly, ultimately generating suggestions and innovations for integration and collaboration among stakeholders to drive vaccine access and uptake. Taking into consideration initial findings from a life course landscape assessment that was conducted by Sabin in late 2020, the Immunization Agenda 2030 will be applied as a framework for course development. Key areas of focus include mobilizing support, evidence-based delivery practices, missed opportunities and cross-sector collaboration. The course will apply these focus areas to real-world application and incorporate cross-cutting recommendations from subject matter experts in this space to impact change and adoption of a life course approach.

Project ECHO

Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is a movement to share knowledge and improve health outcomes by amplifying health systems actors’ access to continuous learning and professional development by linking inter-disciplinary expert teams with geographically dispersed health professionals. Using a participant-driven, case-based approach, experts share their knowledge via mentoring, guidance, didactic education and facilitation of peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.

Given the shift from in-person to virtual engagements, Sabin proposes utilizing the Project ECHO model to deliver training on key topics related to life course immunization and to provide a space for dialogue and collective problem solving. Participants will follow a structured learning journey, guided by key subject matter experts and have the opportunity to share their own experiences related to leadership, cross-sectoral coordination, integration and equitable vaccine access and coverage.

Potential Curriculum Topics (to be informed by landscaping and scoping):

  • How to implement a life course immunization program including vaccine introduction, community outreach, equitable distribution and special considerations for the COVID-19 context
  • Case studies of regional and country-specific approaches to life course immunization (successes, challenges and opportunities)
  • Specific discussions on communication strategies, current policies, challenges and potential avenues for developing or strengthening a life course immunization agenda


The course will provide a space for immunization professionals to discuss opportunities and challenges of a life course approach in an increasingly complex landscape and become more effective advocates for developing or strengthening a life course agenda.

  1. Expected Deliverables and Engagement

Over the course of 8 weeks, the Consultant will work to develop a robust virtual course curriculum (~8 weeks of content) and identify supplementary content as well as subject matter experts and organizations who may be engaged throughout the duration of the course. The Consultant should incorporate adult learning principles into the design of the course and utilize best practices for virtual engagement to ensure that content is concise and easy to digest. Course material should build on a landscape assessment completed by Sabin and if necessary, the Consultant will be expected to carry out a brief learning needs assessment to identify key gaps and areas for growth among immunization professionals. Final course content should incorporate case studies from other countries with experience introducing life course immunization programs and reflect the complexities of the current immunization landscape and COVID-19. As necessary, the Consultant will also receive training on the Project ECHO model to ensure familiarity with the approach. The Consultant will also develop two surveys in order to measure program impact which will be administered at the beginning and end of the course. Finally, the Consultant will be expected to work closely with Sabin staff throughout the design and development of the course to ensure that the content and approach responds to the needs of immunization professionals, utilizes best practices for virtual engagement with the Boost Community and fits into the broader user journey for Boost Community members.

  1. Required Skills & Expertise

The Consultant will have previous experience in immunization with expertise in life course immunization. The Consultant must have experience in training or curriculum design, with experience designing for a virtual environment. If possible, the Consultant should have some familiarity with the Project ECHO model and be able to incorporate elements of peer-to-peer learning into the course structure.

  1. Timeline

It is anticipated that this engagement will begin in late March/early April 2021 and last for a period of 6-8 weeks.

  1. Next Steps

Please submit a brief proposal responding to this scope of work by email to Sarah Kester at [email protected] by March 15, 2021. Selection will occur no later than March 31, 2021 and submissions made after the deadline will not be considered. Proposals should not exceed 5 pages and must include:

  • Proposed activities and deliverables
  • Budget
  • References to similar work

Questions may be submitted to Sarah Kester via the email listed above. Proposals will be evaluated based on each Bidder’s understanding of the engagement, deliverables and timelines and the capability to fully execute on the deliverables as well as the best value-for-money for the scoped engagement.

  1. Contact

Sarah Kester, MPH

Senior Manager, Global Community Engagement

[email protected]