A BRAVE and BOLD Roadmap for Global Immunization

As the world grapples with falling immunization rates and growing pockets of never-vaccinated or under-vaccinated populations, Sabin’s new BRAVE and BOLD approach puts communities at the heart of co-created solutions.


Boost Community

Immunization professionals shoulder many responsibilities, from procuring vaccines to monitoring safety. Our Boost Community provides a platform for immunization professionals around the world to connect with peers and access resources and trainings to enable them to grow in their careers.


The Influenzer Initiative

The Influenzer Initiative is a modern-day movement to prevent the next pandemic. We’re bringing together creative, cross-sectoral innovators to combine expertise and think big to accelerate a universally protective influenza vaccine — a breakthrough that could save hundreds of thousands of lives.

Medical professionals around a laptop

Vaccination Acceptance Research Network

We lead this collaboration amongst multidisciplinary academics and vaccination program and policy implementers and decision makers. Together, we identify and elevate localized knowledge that can shape vaccine acceptance, demand and uptake in vulnerable communities.