Agenda & Presentations

Opening Session

Welcoming remarks and symposium overview

Keynote address – Ciro de Quadros

Overview of Pneumococcal Disease - Lee Harrison


Session I: Epidemiology and Surveillance of Pneumococcal Disease

Pneumococcal disease surveillance in Latin America – Concepts, Opportunities and Challenges - Lucia de Oliveira

The laboratory surveillance network in Latin America – Ages 5 and above - Gloria Rey Benito

Global pneumococcal disease burden in ages 5 and above –  AGEDD Project - Maria Knoll

Current understanding of adult pneumococcal disease epidemiology in Latin America and the Caribbean - Fernando de la Hoz.

Antibiotic resistance in Latin America - Gabriela Echaniz.

Background on influenza and pneumococcal disease - Keith Klugman


Session II: Current Status and Prospects for Vaccine Prevention

Pneumococcal Herd Immunity in the US –  Impact of routine use of PCV in children - Jennifer Loo

Serotype replacement in perspective –  Impact of routine use of PCV in children - Ron Dagan

Burden of disease and current recommendations for pneumococcal vaccines in high risk groups - Tamara Pilishvili

PCV impact/effectiveness in Brazil - Carla Domingues

PCV impact/effectiveness in Uruguay - Gabriela García Gabarrot

GSK update –  PCV10 - Otávio Cintral

Pfizer update –  PCV13 - Juis Jodar

Merck vaccine development update - Barbara Homeier

PPV-23 Vaccines - David Fedson

Conjugate vaccines and the future of pneumococcal vaccines - Keith Klugman


Session III: Economics of Pneumococcal Disease and PCV

Review of economics of pneumococcal disease and PCV - Anushua Sinha

Cost evaluation of adult pneumococcal disease in selected countries of Latin America - Dagna Constenla

Cost evaluation of adult pneumococcal disease in Colombia - Nelson Alvis Guzman

ProVac in Latin America - Cara Janusz


Session IV: Programmatic Aspects of Vaccination of Adults and Older Children – Challenges and Opportunities

The Argentina strategy - Alejandra Gaiano

The Brazil strategy - Carla Domingues

The US strategy - Carolyn Bridges

The Colombia strategy - Cristina Pedreira


Session V: Roundtable – Pneumococcal Vaccination in Adults, Country Spotlights

Chile - Gabriela Moreno

Costa Rica- Roberto Arroba

Uruguay - Mariana Casas

Panamá - Yadira Moltó