The Sabin Vaccine Institute's Board of Trustees and executive leadership are fully committed to responsible and effective stewardship of donor funding. For the past 12 out of 14 years, Sabin received Charity Navigator's highest rating possible for consistently executing our mission in a fiscally responsible way. We maintain high standards of accountability and transparency as we strive to achieve our vision of a world free from vaccine-preventable diseases. To view our most recent financial information and learn more about our work, please see our 2020 audit report and our most recent annual report.

How is Sabin funded?

The Sabin Vaccine Institute is supported through foundations, philanthropy, government funding, corporations and individual donors. When Sabin partners with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, Sabin operates independently from industry and controls and restricts programs and activities that may be supported by industry as outlined in our statement regarding industry funding, which is reviewed annually by Sabin's Board of Trustees.

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