Opening Session

Strategic Communication and Advocacy for immunization and vaccines - Jon Andrus, Sabin

Epidemiology of Dengue and the prevention and control response - Jose Luis San Martin, PAHO


Economics of Dengue and Dengue Vaccines: Regional and Global Perspectives

Economic burden of dengue in the health system - Celina Martelli, FIOCRUZ

Economic impact of dengue in LAC and the World - Matheus Barros, Brandeis University

Assessing the value of vaccination beyond efficacy - Bradford Gessner, AMP


Progress and Challenges in Dengue Prevention and Control

Technological advances in the diagnosis of dengue - Mauricio Vázquez Pichado, InDre

Patient Care & Clinical Management - Gamaliel Gutierrez, PAHO

Generic System for the Integrated Epidemiological Surveillance of dengue - Giovanini_Coelho, MOH Brazil

The social communication strategies for dengue prevention and control - Mercedes Martinez

Vector Biology and Behavior – Integrated Vector Control Management - Haroldo_Bezerra, PAHO

Current vector control tools and Emerging diseases transmitted by the same vector - Américo_Rodríguez, National Institute of Public Health Mexico

Innovative Vector Control approaches - Jose_Bento, FIOCRUZ


Dengue Vaccine Introduction

Takeda - Pedro_Garbes

Butantan - Ricardo Palacios

NIH - Beulah_Sabundayo, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

GSK - Romulo Colindres

Merck - Guilherme_Leser

Sanofi - Christopher Nelson

Assessment of vaccine effectiveness and impact for different rollout strategies - Diana_Rojas_&_Ira_Longini, University of Florida

ProVac Experience - Cara_Janusz, PAHO

Global recommendations for vaccine use - Kirsten Vannice, WHO


Target Populations and Vaccination Strategies

The experience of PAHO in the Introduction of new vaccines- Fernando_de_la_Hoz, PAHO

Introduction Strategies: Modeling results - Diana Rojas & Ira Longini, University of Florida

Case study: the experience with HPV in Colombia - Fernando de la Hoz, PAHO

Case study: the experience with Meningococcal in Chile - Jaime_Mañalich, San Sebastian University


Country Spotlights

Brazil - Marcelo_Burattini, University of São Paulo

Mexico - Jesús Felipe González Roldán, CENAPRECE