Opening Session
Global epidemiology of meningococcal disease - Lee Harrison

EPI in the Region of the Americas - Cuauhtémoc Ruiz Matus

Session I: Epidemiology of Meningococcal Disease
Current situation of meningococcal disease epidemiology in Latin America - Marco A. P. Sáfadi

The importance of quality surveillance for the recognition of meningococcal disease burden (passive versus active surveillance) - Lucia de Oliveira
Incorporation of Real-Time PCR into Routine Public Health Surveillance of bacterial meningitis: The Brazilian experience - Lucila Fukasawa
The SIREVA program in Latin America - Ana Belen Ibarz Pavon
Carriage and transmission of N meningitidis: what information is still needed in Latin America for implementation of vaccination policies -

Session II: Invasive Meningococcal Disease: Clinical Presentation, Sequelae and Treatment
Clinical presentation, case fatality rates and sequelae associated to meningococcal disease - Eduardo Gotuzzo
Current Issues in recognition and advances in meningococcal disease treatment in children and adults - José Ignacio Santos
Neisseria meningitidis antimicrobial resistance: current situation in Latin America and its Clinical relevance - Silvia E. González Ayala

Session III: Cost of cases and outbreaks
Cost evaluation of NM cases and outbreaks in selected countries of Latin America and the Caribbean: Preliminary Findings - Dagna Constenla

Session IV: Immunity and Meningococcal Vaccines
Hypo-responsiveness and meningococcal polysaccharide vaccines: is it time to stop using these vaccines? - Lee Harrison 2
Lessons learned after the licensure and widespread deployment of meningococcal C conjugate vaccines and its impact on immunization programs -Julio Vazquez   (video presentation)

Experience with the use of tetravalent ACWY meningococcal conjugate vaccines in adolescent programs in US and Canada - Jessica MacNeil
Management of Meningococcal Outbreaks in Latin America - José Cassio de Morales
Early impact of MenC immunization program on disease burden in Brazil - Marco Aurélio Sáfadi
History, implementation and impact of MenA conjugate on disease burden in Africa - Marie-Pierre Preziosi

Session V: Prevention of MenB Disease
Challenges for the prevention of MenB disease - Wilfrido Coronell
The Cuban experience with routine use of serogroup B OMV vaccines - Franklyn Sotolongo Pardon

Session VI: New Strategies to Prevent MenB Disease
Challenges for the prevention of MenB disease - Laura York
Novartis 4CMenB vaccine (New Zealand Experience) - Jeffrey Stoddard
Brazilian experience with the development of meningococcal B vaccines - Reinaldo Martins
Modeling the potential impact of meningococcal B vaccines in LA - Julio Vazquez (video presentation)