The burden of pneumococcal disease in older children and adults in Latin America and the Caribbean

Streptococcus pneumoniae remains an important cause of pneumonia and invasive bacterial disease, primarily meningitis and sepsis. The greatest burden of disease occurs in low-and middle-income countries, and the risk of serious pneumococcal disease peaks at the extreme ages of life. Young children are at highest risk, but older adults and people with immuno-compromising conditions also suffer high rates of pneumococcal disease.

Европейский региональный семинар по законодательству об иммунопрофилактике - Отчет о встрече

Институт вакцин им. Сабина в сотрудничестве с международными партнёрами и правительством Грузии организовал Семинар по законодательству об иммунопрофилактике, в котором приняли участие три европейские страны-участницы Программы устойчивого финансирования иммунизации Сабина-Армения, Грузия и Молдова. Семинар состоялся в Тбилиси 1-2 марта 2017 года.

12th International Rotavirus Symposium Report

From September 7-9, 2016, 350 experts from 50 countries met in Melbourne, Australia, for the 12th International Rotavirus Symposium to share recent scientific data on rotavirus (RV) epidemiology and immunology, the current status of the licensed RV vaccines, and data on the impact of the introduction of RV vaccines in several countries. The 12th International Rotavirus Symposium was convened by the Sabin Vaccine Institute in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S.


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