Opening Session

Welcome and Introduction - Roger Glass, Fogarty International Center, US NIH

Mathuram Santosham - Johns Hopkins University

Opening Remarks - K. Vijay Raghaven, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology, India

Opening Remarks - Lov Verma, Secretary, Department of Health & Family Welfare,India

Opening Remarks - V.M. Katoch, Secretary, Indian Council of Medical Research

Opening Remarks - Jitendra Singh, Union Minister of State for Science & Technology, India

Opening Remarks - Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister of State for Heath & Family Welfare

Keynote Address - Trevor Mundel, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Second Honorary Roger Glass Lecture

Buidling on Evidence - The Case for Rotavirus Immunization - Duncan Steele, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Session I: Indian Experience with Rotavirus

The National Rotavirus Surveillance Network - Rashmi Arora, Indian Council of Medical Research

Rotavirus burden of disease in India - Gagandeep Kang, Christian Medical College, Vellore

Rotavirus strain genotype distribution in India - Sanjay Mehendale, NIE


Session II: Asian Expereince with Vaccines

Bharat Biotech's human monovalent 116E vaccine efficacy - Nita Bhandari, SAS

Intussusception in vaccine trials and retrospective surveillance - Jacob John, Christian Medical College, Vellore

Update on GSK's monovalent Rotarix vaccine - Bernd Benninghoff, GlaxoSmithKline

Update on Merck's pentavalent RotaTeq vaccine - Michelle Goveia, Merck

Studies to understand the timing and schedules for rotavirus immunization - Jessica Fleming, PATH


Session III: Later Breaker / Posters

Emergence of novel rotavirus reassortant G12P[11} strain in nosocomial outbreak of acute diarrhea in newborns - Shobha C. Chitamar, NIV

In vivo protection and immune responses induced by intramuscular and intranasal delivery of non-live subunit rotavirus VP6 vaccine in the form of tubular structures - Suvi Lappalainen, Universtiy of Tampere, Finland

Non-secretor FUT2 point mutation is associated with decreased risk of pediatric rotavirus gastroenteritis - Daniel Payne, CDC

Molecular evolution of G2P[4] rotavirus strains at the whole genome level - Osamu Nakagomi, Nagasaki University, Japan

Sustained effect of rotavirus vaccination in diarrhea deaths, hospitalization and new cases in children under five - Marcelino Esparza-Aguilar, Ministry of Health, Mexico


Session IV: New Insights in Rotavirus Pathogenesis and Immunity

Importance of IgA in protection of rotavirus infection: Margaret Conner, Baylor College of Medicine

Rotavirus strategies to control the antiviral responses of the cell, Susana Lopez, UNAM, Mexico

Homan antibodies to rotavirus VP6 - James Crowe, Vanderbuilt University

Genetic and mechanistic determinants of RV host range restriction - Harry Greenberg, Stanford University


Session V: Post-Licensure Impact and Safety of Rotavirus Vaccination

Approaches to assessing intussusception risk in developing countries - Jacqueline Tate, US CDC

Rotavirus vaccines: introduction process and effectiveness in Latin American and Caribbean - Lucia de Oliveira, PAHO

Four year safety and effectiveness in northern Europe - Timo Vesikari, University of Tampere, Finland

Health benefits versus intussusception risk of rotavirus vaccination in developed countries;

United States - Umesh Parashar, US CDC

Australia - Julie Bines, Murdoch Children's Research Institute

Health benefits versus intussusception risk of rotavirus vaccination in early introducing countries;

South Africa - Michelle Groome, University of Witwatersrand

Ghana - George Armah, Noguchi Institute of Medical Research

Rwanda - Fidele Ngabo, Ministry of Health

Malawi - Naor Bar-Zeev, University of Liverpool, UK

Botswana - Margaret Mokomane, National Health Lab, Botswana


Session VI: Late breakers / Posters

Secondary efficacy endpoints of the Pentavalent Rotavirus Vaccine against gastroenteritis in Asia - K ZAMAN, icddr,b, Bangladesh

Active surveillance for intussusception in a phase III efficacy trial of an oral monovalent rotavirus vaccine in India - Sangeeth Rajkumar, Christian Medical College, Vellore

The changing epidemiology of rotavirus diarrhea in the context of universal vaccination in Brazil - Marcelle Figueira, FIOCRUZ, Brazil

Rotarix vaccine efficacy versus immunogenicity in a Bangaldeshi birth cohort - Beth Kirkpatrick, University of Vermont, USA

Rotavirus vaccination: systemic and mucosal responses among infants in Kolkata, India - Ranjan Nandy, NICED, India

Whole genome analyses of G1P[8] rotavirus strains from vaccinated and non-vaccinated South African children presenting with diarrhoea - Nonkululeko Magagula, University of Limpopo, South Africa


Session VII: Future Rotavirus Vaccines

Status of the pentavalent bovine-himan reassortant rotavirus vaccine developed by Serum Institute of India - Prasad Kulkarni, Serum Institute of India

Update of the bovine-human reassortant rotavirus vaccine developed by Shantha Biotechnics - Mandeep Dhingra, Shantha Biotechnics

Heat stable rotavirus vaccine development - Davinder Gill, Hilleman Labs

Early clinical development of the RV3 neonatal rotavirus vaccine - phase 1 & 2 data - Margaret Danchin, Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Australia

Safety and immunogenicity of the P2 VP8 vaccine candidate in phase 1 studies - Stan Cryz, PATH

Progress towards the development of an inactivated rotavirus vaccine: pathways forward - Baoming Jiang, US CDC


Session VIII: New Insights in Strain Diversity

An update on rotavirus classification - Jelle Matthijnssens, Leuven University, Belgium

Global rotavirus strain surveillance in the vaccine era: Insights from molecular characterization of strains - Jon Gentsch, US CDC

Rotavirus strain diversity and pathogenesis - John Patton, NIAID, USA

Rotavirus strain distribution in Europe in pre- and post-vaccine introduction - Miren Iturriza Gomara, University of Liverpool, UK


Session IX: Policy Session

The view from WHO's Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) - NK Arora, INCLEN, India

WHO's Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS) update on safety considerations - Melinda Wharton, US CDC

Impact of witholding breastfeeding aroudn the rime of Rotarix vaccination on the immunogenicity of the Rotarix vaccine - a randomized trial - Asad Ali, Aga Khan University, Pakistan

Update from GAVI - Jon Pearman, GAVI

Rotavirus Vaccines and India - K. VijayRaghaven, Department of Biotechnology, India


Session X: Closing Session

Global Action Plan for Pneumonia and Diarrhea (GAPPD) : Global and Indian Perspectives

Carsten Mantel, WHO

Robert Black, Johns Hopkins University, US

Rakesh Kumar, Joint Secretary, Department of Heath & Family Welfare, India

Vinod Paul, AIIMS, India

Advancing change through evidence and advocacy: Interactive Session

Mathuram Santosham, Johns Hopkins University, US

Naveen Thacker, Child Health Foundation, India

Tony Nelson, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Julie Bines, University of Melbourne

Lulu Bravo, University of Philippines

Highlights o the 11th International Rotavirus Symposium and remaining challenges in controlling rotavirus disease burden - M.K. Bhan, Former Secretary, Department of Biotechnology, India

Closing Comments - C.K. Mishra, Additional Secretary, Department of Health & Family Welfare, India