Despite scientific advances and international support, 1.5 million people still die each year from diseases that could have been prevented by routine immunization. Sabin works with key decision makers and immunization experts at the country and global level to build resilient, sustainable national immunization programs to reach every child.

It is countries’ responsibility to provide effective and quality immunization for all people. Sabin partners with low- and middle-income countries to strengthen policy, secure financing and build political will for immunization. Sabin seeks to help countries establish long-term immunization financing and policy solutions that strengthen and protect immunization systems for generations to come.

Sabin is an adviser, a convener and a catalyst of systemic change, bringing together researchers, national government officials and immunization specialists at all levels to support the introduction and expansion of new and under-utilized vaccines. In order to make informed decisions about vaccine introduction and implementation, countries require high-quality information and evidence. Sabin supports surveillance programs and conducts research to generate essential epidemiological data for well-designed and efficiently implemented immunization programs. By establishing and sharing best practices, we help countries evaluate and streamline vaccine introduction and scale-up.

Collaboration across continents and sectors is critical to extend the benefits of immunization around the globe. Through our international scientific meetings, Sabin fosters dialogue between global health leaders, researchers and implementers to unify global efforts to accelerate access to new and under-utilized vaccines.