The Global Network educated policymakers around the world about the impact of NTDs and engaged them with timely calls-to-action, generating significant political commitments and mobilizing historic levels of resources for NTD treatment and prevention programs. Our work leveraged more than $1.5 billion in new resources to accelerate progress against NTDs.

The Global Network engaged with foreign governments, international organizations and multilateral policy platforms to increase support for the effort to end NTDs, holding high-level policy meetings and events with policymakers, technical staff and other decision-makers; releasing policy position papers and media statements; and conducting high-level advocacy around global policy summits and discussions.

The Global Network produced reports, analyses and scientific articles detailing the global burden of NTDs, new approaches to treatment and prevention and the impact of NTDs on other aspects of health and development to increase the visibility of NTDs in the global health policy community and equip decision makers with the latest information. Read more in key publications and media

We also worked with partners to expand or develop NTD coalitions in key donor countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany; lead national and state-level advocacy efforts in India and Nigeria, two countries with the world’s highest NTD burden; achieve breakthrough regional resolutions to control and eliminate NTDs and build the case for integrating NTDs into other health and development efforts.