Immunization managers facilitate every aspect of immunization programs, from cost-effective procurement of vaccines to the vigilant monitoring of vaccine safety and efficacy. Since 2013, Sabin has helped advance global vaccination efforts by bringing together immunization managers from more than 100 countries to share the latest information and build essential skills to strengthen immunization programs around the world.

Sabin’s IAIM Network (International Association of Immunization Managers) is the largest international network of immunization managers, offering opportunities to connect, share knowledge and strengthen skills required to effectively implement immunization programs. This peer network creates opportunities for immunization professionals to share best practices and address the most pressing topics challenging immunization programs.

Join the IAIM Network

Through the IAIM Network, Sabin organizes international meetings as a forum for immunization professionals and partners across other sectors to exchange data and expertise to ensure the continued and improved success of immunization programs. For example, the IAIM Joint Regional Meeting for the Americas and Europe convened 70 immunization managers from 30 countries to discuss an issue of increasing concern to public health experts around the world: vaccine acceptance and demand. This meeting served as a valuable opportunity for immunization managers to share their experiences with peers from other countries and leverage their collective knowledge to increase global vaccine confidence.

The IAIM Network also provides opportunities for professional development. Between 2014 and 2017, Sabin facilitated 17 peer exchanges between immunization managers from 35 countries. Through these exchanges, immunization managers from around the world established new relationships and collaborations, sharing success factors and problem-solving strategies with their peers in other countries. IAIM also enabled immunization managers to attend trainings, short courses and seminars to build critical competencies and skills.

The IAIM Network is launching new peer learning and training opportunities designed to serve a broader group of members. These activities will focus on issues critical to the success of immunization programs, such as vaccine confidence and evidence-based decision making.

Membership in the IAIM Network is free and open to anyone in the field of immunization, register here. For more information, visit