Over the last decade, many new vaccines have been developed, but the promise of these vaccines is only fulfilled when they are administered around the world. To deliver health to as many people as possible, countries need accurate, high-quality data to ensure their resources are used effectively.

Sabin brings together national government officials, policy makers, immunization specialists, researchers and advocates to supply decision makers with the data and expertise they need to make evidence-based decisions on vaccines.

Sabin conducts epidemiological research to establish disease burden and track the impact of vaccines. Sabin is conducting a landmark surveillance study in Asia to track typhoid incidence and severity. The data will provide much more accurate estimates for typhoid and paratyphoid, evidence that will be critically important to evaluate new conjugate typhoid vaccines as they are approved. Sabin also participated in a series of six studies measuring pneumococcal vaccine impact in Latin America and collaborated with partners to strengthen pertussis surveillance in six Latin American countries.

International, cross-sectoral collaboration will be required to extend the benefits of immunization around the globe. As a trusted, third-party convener, Sabin unifies global efforts to establish best practices that help countries evaluate and streamline vaccine introduction and scale-up. International meetings organized by Sabin enable the global health community to achieve consensus on critical vaccine issues, including disease burden, vaccine impact and recommendations for introduction.