Immunization saves an estimated 3 million lives every year, but the full impact of preventing diseases such as measles, flu and rotavirus is far greater. Immunization strengthens health care systems and boosts economic growth and development.

The Sabin Vaccine Institute works to extend the benefits of immunization to all people through three strategic ambitions: enabling vaccine access and uptake, advancing vaccine knowledge and innovation, and researching and developing new vaccines.

Vaccine Access & Uptake

Sabin is an adviser, a convener and a catalyst of systemic change, working at the country and global level to strengthen policy, secure financing, and build political will for country ownership of immunization. Sabin partners with low- and middle-income countries to inform the creation of long-term, country-led immunization financing and policy solutions that strengthen and protect immunization systems for generations to come, and supports the introduction and expansion of new and under-utilized vaccines through evidence and advocacy.

Vaccine Knowledge & Innovation

We bring to bear our experience, capabilities and partnerships to tackle emerging and established issues across the field of immunization, providing training and education on the latest in vaccine science and policy to immunization professionals, journalists and vaccine scientists, equipping health professionals to build vaccine confidence in their regions, and strengthening the leadership skills of the world’s largest network of immunization managers.

Vaccine Research & Development

Sabin partners with other leaders in vaccine science to research and explore new scientific approaches to identify innovative solutions that will improve the lives of millions. Focusing on infectious and emerging diseases that have high human impact but may lack traditional market incentives, Sabin remains committed to research to support vaccines and immunization.