Sound financial management practices, such as budget tracking, are necessary for any sustainably funded immunization program. Budget tracking entails official monitoring of the immunization budget as it evolves from the immunization program’s aspirational budget to the Minister of Health all the way down to the program’s expenditures.

The SIF Program's officers strive to facilitate budget tracking and transparency in order to provide program countries with the information they need to advocate for sustainable immunization financing. Officials in SIF Program countries coalesce the reported values from each budgetary phase into the Budget Flow Analysis Tool to improve the consistency of resource flows. An immunization program may then use these results to advocate for a better disbursement rate or an increased immunization budget.

The table below illustrates the budgetary phases for which the SIF Program team has uncovered values, from national peers and official reports. Green cells indicate that a specific source was identified for that value; yellow, unsourced amounts; and gray, a lack of reported data.

The values entered in the SIF Program budget flow analyses are confidential, and have therefore been removed from view. "Expenditures as per JRF" are publicly available on the WHO JRF (Joint Reporting Form) Database.

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