Sabin provides immunization professionals, journalists and vaccine scientists with the skills and tools they need to improve vaccine knowledge, access and delivery.

Through our international network of immunization managers, we provide immunization professionals with critical competencies and skill sets required to effectively implement immunization programs, including leadership skills, technical knowledge, and the ability to address critical issues in global immunization, such as vaccine confidence, vaccine safety and global health innovation.

Sabin’s Ciro de Quadros Vaccinology Course for Latin America gathers experts from around the continent to update immunization managers on recent advances in epidemiology and immunology, current immunization recommendations and challenges and effective vaccine communication strategies. More than 350 participants from 15 countries have had the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s leading experts on vaccinology.

Sabin strengthens laboratory capacity for vaccine research in endemic countries to prevent outbreaks where they begin. Collaborations with institutions in Brazil and Gabon have helped expand clinical trial capacity in these countries to test novel vaccine candidates in an endemic setting as safely, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

To help enable more effective and accurate journalism coverage of vaccines and local public health campaigns, our journalist information sessions have equipped more than 70 journalists from 18 countries with the latest information on disease and immunization.


Image: The V Ciro de Quadros Vaccinology Course for Latin America in Santiago, Chile, 2015