The immunization landscape is constantly evolving. Immunization professionals are faced with the challenge of staying up-to-date on new vaccines, changing policies and recommendations, and developments in vaccine science, while the general public is inundated with information, making it difficult to discern truth from fiction.

Sabin drives meaningful, well-informed conversations on emerging and established issues across the field of immunization and provides training and education on the latest in vaccine science and policy to immunization professionals, policymakers and journalists, among others.

Sabin connects immunization professionals with the resources they need to overcome barriers to vaccination and improve vaccine uptake and coverage in their countries. Our scientific meetings, trainings and workshops provide professionals with the skills and tools to strengthen their countries’ vaccine research capabilities, foster vaccination program resiliency and implement successful immunization campaigns.

Sabin works to shape the vaccine conversation by amplifying reliable information on vaccines. We serve as a leading voice on critical issues in global immunization, including vaccine confidence, vaccine safety and global health innovation. We also work to drive more effective, accurate media coverage on vaccines by equipping journalists with the latest information on disease burden and immunization.