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Clinical Vaccine Development

Clinical trials are a thoroughly planned, well researched process involving several phases. In the third video of this series, Roxana Rustomjee, senior vice president of Research & Development, gives a broad overview of the clinical development process and clinical trials, from Phase I to Phase IV.

Roxana Rustomjee joined the Sabin Vaccine Institute as the senior vice president of Research & Development as of November 2019. She is a leader in the global health community and is committed to ensuring that people in low- and middle-income countries have access to vaccines. She has served on a number of expert working groups with the World Health Organization, USAID and others, and on boards including that of The Biologicals and Vaccines (Biovac) Institute of Southern Africa (Proprietary Limited). Roxana’s expertise lies in effectively managing large, multi-country teams to accelerate biopharmaceutical product development and licensure. She has led global clinical trial networks across five continents, conducting trials in most countries with a high burden of infectious diseases as a senior scientist.