GWL Voices Endorses the Global HPV Consortium


GWL Voices is delighted to share our endorsement of the Global HPV Consortium.

Given GWL’s mission to drive gender equity, we commit to being a champion of this cause to drive advocacy and action towards the elimination of cervical cancer. Every 90 seconds, a woman loses her life to cervical cancer. Cervical cancer strikes women in the prime of their adult lives and their deaths result in high social and economic costs, including to their children and families.

With access to primary and secondary prevention services, cervical and other HPV-related cancers are preventable.

The Global HPV Consortium (GHC), for which the Sabin Vaccine Institute serves as the secretariat, is a transdisciplinary and multi-sectoral movement to prevent HPV infection and eliminate cervical cancer as a public health concern by operating across the three pillars of vaccination, screening, and early treatment. They are committed to raising the voices of women and girls, including cancer survivors, youth advocates, women’s empowerment champions and beyond, to ensure those closest to the problem are part of the solution.

GWL wholeheartedly supports this mission and will advocate together with the Global HPV Consortium with the goal that no woman loses her life to HPV-related cervical cancer.





Susana Malcorra
President & Co-Founder

GWL Voices