For 25 years, Sabin has been a trusted partner, working with countries, the World Health Organization (WHO), Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and regional stakeholders to improve immunization. From vaccine research to policy solutions, Sabin addresses the challenges facing immunization by working across borders with local, regional and global partners.

In 2017, we welcomed new leadership, launched initiatives and continued our efforts to enable vaccine access and uptake, advance vaccine knowledge and innovation, and support research and development for vaccines and immunization.

From Tbilisi to Nairobi, Sabin convened country stakeholders and regional decision makers to discuss issues as varied as vaccine confidence, immunization legislation and new typhoid vaccines. By bringing together people from different countries with different areas of expertise to share knowledge and evaluate potential solutions, we pollinate new ideas, inspire leadership and cultivate consensus.

We are building upon Dr. Albert Sabin's legacy of spurring innovative thinking in the service of immunization across the spectrum, from vaccine discovery to uptake. Sabin is fostering networks to drive innovation, from vaccine development to public understanding of vaccines.

Last year, Sabin evaluated opportunities to support vaccine development for diseases that have been overlooked despite posing a threat to billions of people. We identified a number of promising vaccine candidates and are exploring partnerships to continue development of these much-needed vaccines.

Sabin's landmark surveillance study to establish the burden of typhoid and paratyphoid in Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan, completed its first year of enrolling participants in 2017. Data from the study shaped WHO's Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) recommendations and contributed to the decision by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, to dedicate $85 million to help low-income countries introduce the typhoid conjugate vaccine, where typhoid kills more than 128,000 people each year, primarily children.

In December, we received funding from the Page Family Foundation for a new initiative to spark innovation that will speed the development of next-generation influenza vaccines. Sabin will foster partnerships and dialog among diverse groups to develop new ideas to drive development of a universal flu vaccine that offers broad, long-lasting protective immunity against both seasonal and pandemic strains of influenza.

At Sabin, we believe that when we draw on a wider net of collective intelligence and capabilities, we identify better solutions. Together, we increase knowledge and understanding and expand opportunities that ultimately save lives every day.

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Axel HoosAmy Finan
Axel Hoos, M.D., Ph.D.,
Chair, Board of Trustees,
Sabin Vaccine Institute
Amy Finan,
Chief Executive Officer,
Sabin Vaccine Institute