Happy Father's Day, Dads!

On this special day where fatherhood is cherished, we asked several dads why they got their kids vaccinated. Here is what they had to say.

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"My kids are vaccinated because I love them and because vaccines are the most powerful gift I can give them to protect their health and to make sure they are able to live up to their full potential in the future."

Seth Berkley, chief executive officer of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, initiates this campaign with a strong public health message for parents. Thank you for sharing your message, Dr. Berkley! 

"As a father and a pediatrician, I vaccinated my children because I love them! I want to keep them safe and protect them against dangerous diseases. I also want them to help protect other children as well. As a pediatrician, I take care of children – some of whom cannot be vaccinated. And so I know my children are doing their part to help keep them safe as well.”

Dr. Richard Pan, California State Senator, shares how his children are helping other kids protect themselves from dangerous, preventable diseases through vaccination. Thank you for sharing this great message, Dr. Pan!

"My kids and grandkids are all vaccinated because I love them and want them to be healthy."

Former Surgeon General Richard Carmona has always supported vaccination as a beneficial practice that not only protects children and families, but the nation as well. Read more.

"My kids are vaccinated because I want to keep them."

Dr. Paul Offit, recipient of the Albert B. Sabin 2018 Gold Medal, drives home a powerful message with this simple statement. He is widely known for his research on rotavirus, which is the most common cause of diarrheal hospitalizations and deaths among children. Thank you for sharing your reason, Dr. Offit!

"My kids are vaccinated because it protects them and others from vaccine-preventable diseases."

John Davies-Cole is a state epidemiologist at the Washington, DC government. Thank you for sharing your reason this Father's Day!

"I vaccinated my kids because my uncle was hospitalized for six months and left with an atrophied leg because of polio, which he got just before the first vaccines were developed."

Dr. Iannelli is an ardent supporter of immunization and writes regularly about vaccines and pediatrics. Visit his Twitter page to learn more!

"As a father, it is my proud duty to protect my children in every way I can, and vaccinating them is both the easiest and most important way."

Aaron and his wife Ilyana are always happy to advocate for vaccines, as it helps protect their children and others who are too young or medically unable to get that protection. To read what Ilyana had to say, click here.

"I got my kids vaccinated because doing so protects & prevents from life threatening diseases such as cervical cancer. I lost a friend recently to this disease & miss her dearly. If only she had the HPV vaccine, she might be with us today."

A powerful reminder of the importance of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine! Both of John's daughters have and will receive all relevant vaccines to keep their family safe and protected from preventable diseases like cervical cancer. Thank you, John, for sharing your reason.

This summer, we encourage moms and dads to tell us why you #GiveYourKidsAShot using this form or by tagging Sabin (@sabinvaccine) on social media with a picture of you and your kid! To read what moms had to say on Mother's Day, click here.