One year ago at the GAVI Alliance pledge conference, partners exceeded expectations by pledging $4.3 billion dollars. GAVI made a promise to to immunize more than 250 million children and prevent more than four million premature deaths by 2015. Today, on the one year anniversary of this milestone event, a first-year ‘Report Card’ shows that GAVI is delivering on its promise.

The report, released at the GAVI Alliance Board meeting in Washington, DC, lists GAVI’s key results over the past 12 months. Milestones include:

• Routine immunisation rates across all GAVI-supported countries averaging over 80 percent; pentavalent vaccine introduced in 65 countries

• Developing countries rolling out new vaccines against the major causes of the two biggest childhood killers in the world: pneumonia and severe diarrhoea

• First-ever GAVI funding windows for vaccines against human papillomavirus and rubella

• Reductions in price of rotavirus and HPV vaccines for GAVI-supported programs

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