This fall, six immunization managers will be participating in Sabin’s International Association for Immunization Managers (IAIM) Peer-to-Peer Exchange Program. As part of the program, “peer recipients” Dr. Kelly Moore, Dr. Aisha Alshammary and Ms. Molly Howell will travel across the globe to glean expertise and knowledge from selected “peer supporters” – or mentors – on cold chain management, surveillance of vaccine-preventable diseases, and HPV vaccine uptake. Awarded by IAIM, the week-long peer-to-peer exchanges help immunization managers obtain the knowledge and leadership capabilities needed to strengthen their skills.

Dr. Kelly Moore, director of the Tennessee Immunization Program at the Tennessee Department of Health will be traveling to Tirana, Albania to learn from Peer Supporter Dr. Silvia Bino, head of the Control of Infectious Diseases and Immunization Department. Specifically, Dr. Moore will be focusing on cold chain management strategies at the level of the end user.

Dr. Aisha Alshammary, national manager of Expanded Program on Immunization in Saudi Arabia, will be traveling to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia to learn from Peer Supporter Dr. Rebecca Gold, public health analyst at the CDC. Dr. Alshammary will be focusing on the surveillance of vaccine-preventable diseases.

And Ms. Molly Howell, immunization program manager and assistant director at North Dakota’s Division of Disease Control, will travel to Dublin, Ireland to learn from Peer Supporter Dr. Brenda Corcoran, consultant in public health medicine at the National Immunization Office. Ms. Howell will be focusing on methods to increase uptake of HPV vaccinations among adolescents.

Dr. Kelly Moore, Dr. Aisha Alshammary and Ms. Molly Howell applied for IAIM’s first round of peer-to-peer exchanges in May 2014, and they will be the first IAIM members to benefit. We look forward to sharing their lessons learned on our blog upon their return.

As the three recipients embark on their peer-to-peer exchanges, IAIM is opening up applications for another round of exchanges, as well as for their Training Scholarship Program. Applications are open until October 10th for all IAIM Immunization Manager Members currently serving as immunization managers. To become an IAIM member or to apply for the Peer-to-Peer Exchange Program or the Training Scholarship Program, click here