On Tuesday, The Telegraph and others reported that Vodaphone has joined GSK, the GAVI Alliance and Save the Children for new mobile technology programs to boost vaccination rates in developing countries.

A three year partnership with the GAVI Alliance will help agencies collect vital information about how many children are receiving vaccinations, while sending parents reminders for upcoming injections. Concurrently, Vodaphone will run a one year pilot in Mozambique with Partners GSK and Save the Children to provide health workers with mobile phones to assist with health services.

Improving health in developing countries is good business. As Vittorio Colao, group chief executive of Vodafone, told The Daily Telegraph, “If you improve the society you operate in, you also improve the business you operate in it.”

The idea that vaccines are a great investment in global health isn’t a new idea. However, to reach the most marginalized populations who don’t at this time benefit from the power of vaccines, innovation and new ideas are absolutely necessary. Innovation in immunization is the topic of this recent article in The Guardian.

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