This blog was originally published by the Dengue Vaccine Initiative.

In November of 2014, the Dengue Vaccine Initiative (DVI) held a two-day meeting to discuss the status of a dengue vaccine and exchange views on its licensure and introduction. Members of the Asia-PacificDengue Prevention Board (DPB), modelers of the impact of vaccination on dengue, public health specialists and dengue vaccine candidate representatives contributed to these important conversations.

The meeting, held in Seoul, South Korea, consisted of four main activities. Participants reviewed the clinical development of dengue vaccine candidates and discussed a model approach to assess the impact of vaccination. They also revisited the DVI report “Points for Consideration for First Introduction of Dengue Vaccines in Endemic Countries,” which was developed in 2012 to help policy makers and national immunization program managers determine their capacity to undertake dengue vaccine introductions. Additionally, attendees assessed dengue’s burden and vaccine introduction in their countries.

The Board convened at a critical time -- 2014 marked a milestone for the fight against dengue fever, with the first ever successful completion of Phase III clinical trials on a dengue vaccine candidate (CYD-TDV). These trials demonstrated that a vaccine that can prevent dengue cases is feasible, showing both safety and overall moderate efficacy, especially against the most severe outcomes of dengue infection, in bothAsia and the Americas. At the same time, other vaccine candidates continued to progress in clinical development throughout the year, as did modeling of the impact of vaccination on dengue incidence.   

These updates, and the new information they contribute to the field of dengue research, warrant a reassessment of the potential implications of dengue vaccine introduction in endemic countries. DVI will continue to support countries’ efforts to successfully plan for the introduction of dengue vaccines through evidenced-based research to help inform decision-making. One of these efforts is the upcoming Americas DPB meeting in March 16 and 17 in Bogota, Colombia. DVI looks forward to what is sure to be another productive exchange -- one that can complement the conversations had in Seoul and raise points for further analysis, discussion, and knowledge sharing.

We invite you to read the full report here.

About Dengue Prevention Boards

In 2007, PDVI (Pediatric Dengue Vaccine Initiative—DVI’s precursor) established two regional DPBs — one for Asia and one for the Americas. Member of the boards include medical and public health experts, opinion leaders and policy makers from countries in their respective regions. They meet once a year to advise on dengue surveillance, diagnostics, vaccine introduction and communications.

All reports on DPB meetings are published in the DVI website to inform stakeholders on their content and conclusions and consensus.