One of the achievements of the discussions with medicines taskforce of the Ministry of Health and Civil Society Organizations, which are strongly involved in advocacy for Medicines, is a current effort by SIF to perform a legal audit and analysis of the current legal framework on immunization.

This effort, which was initiated in September 2010, will provide a legal opinion on the existing options for adopting a legislation of regulation pertaining to immunization in Uganda. The product of the assignment should be able to guide an advocacy plan to use the public health legal regime and human rights based approach to influence funding for immunization and national action on the current challenges of the immunization programs in Uganda.

So far, a national survey at different levels of the implementation process of immunization, beginning at the national level, distribution, district, and ending at the local government level, was conducted. Findings of the survey have been presented at the National Health Review Meeting in November and new strategies for the next phase of the planning cycle HSSP III (2011 - 2014) have been discussed and formulated.