The Global Network, the Sabin product development partnership (PDP) and Dr. Peter Hotez, Sabin president, were featured in a great piece on Forbes today. The piece, entitled “How pharmaceutical companies can help take the 'neglected' out of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs),” explains that because NTDS often cause more disability than death, there is limited awareness around them. Forbes contributor Sarika Bansal quotes Dr. Hotez and cites the Global Network as an organization that is helping to drive awareness and influence pharmaceutical companies, policymakers and other stakeholders to invest in NTD treatment and prevention.

“The Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases has engaged in NTD advocacy and on-the-ground coordination efforts. They also run a frequently updated blog, End the Neglect, that discusses NTD news and reminds readers that “just 50 cents” will provide a year’s worth of treatment against several NTDs.”

The piece also highlights Sabin’s progress with product development partnerships:“There has also been a marked increase in NTD product development…Many other product development partnerships (PDPs) for NTDs, such as PATH and theSabin Vaccine Institute, seem to function along similar lines.These developments are impressive, especially given the short time frame, but there is still a long way to go. This is perhaps most evident in the product development space. Hotez believes the pharmaceutical industry is “generally doing very well” in donating drugs, manufacturing space, and time to NTDs, but says most have invested relatively little in developing NTD drugs and vaccines themselves.”

You can read the full article here.