The Sabin Vaccine Institute (Sabin) was founded 25 years ago in memory of Dr. Albert Sabin, inventor of the oral polio vaccine. Today, in recognition of World Polio Day, we are highlighting the voices of those who carry on his life’s work of advancing and advocating for science. 

Since Mother's Day 2019, Sabin has been amplifying the voices of parents who immunize through the Give Your Kids A Shot campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. In response to the dramatic rise in measles cases in the United States and globally, we asked moms and dads to share why they get their kids vaccinated. More than 60 parents stepped up, from stay-at-home moms to congressional champions! This fall, we also started reaching out to healthcare professionals and scientists so they could add their voices to the campaign. Below are some quotes from scientists on why they would encourage parents to vaccinate their kids.

I encourage parents to vaccinate their kids because I have dedicated my life to keeping kids heathy; I love all kids and like their parents, I don’t want kids harmed by diseases I can prevent.

Dr. Carol Baker, recipient of Sabin's 2019 Gold Medal, is known for her contributions to the health of pregnant women and babies through groundbreaking research on group B Streptococcus and dedicated advocacy for maternal immunization. We thank Dr. Baker for her lifelong advocacy! Learn more about Dr. Baker

"The power to ensure a virus free environment lies in your hand and by protecting your kid you're also protecting surrounding.”

Malak AllIbrahim works as a research assistant at the American University of Beirut. Her area of interest is ribonucleic acid (RNA) viruses, particularly influenza viruses, how they evolve and the burden they pose on public health. Thank you for contributing your voice to the campaign, Malak!

Vaccines keep kids safe as well as other people who cannot be vaccinated or babies too young to be vaccinated. Vaccination not only protects your family, but also helps prevent the spread of diseases to other people in your community.

Dr. Melvin Sanicas is a public health physician-scientist specializing in vaccines and infectious diseases. He advocates heavily for the importance of vaccination on social media. Thank you, Dr. Sanicas!

“I encourage parents to get their kids vaccinated because you do so much to protect them in life and this is one important way. I vaccinate my kids to protect them and because it's the right thing to do.

Dr. Michael Greenberg is a pediatrician, epidemiologist, vaccine developer, husband and father of two boys. Thank you for giving your kids a shot, Dr. Greenberg!

“As a scientist, I encourage parents to get their kids vaccinated because after clean water, vaccination is the most effective public health intervention in the world for saving lives and promoting good health.”

Dr. Norman Fry is a clinical scientist working in public health. Thank you, Dr. Fry, for your vaccine advocacy!

I encourage parents to get their kids vaccinated because immunizations not only protect their children from life-threatening infections, but vaccinations help improve herd immunity. Herd immunity is like a protective shield for our communities, safeguarding cancer patients, newborns and others who are the most vulnerable to measles and other vaccine-preventable diseases."

Thank you, Dr. Pergam, for drawing attention to the benefits we gain when we strengthen community immunity. Dr. Pergam is an infectious diseases physician in Seattle, WA. He is also an associate member at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, an associate professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine, and the director of infection prevention at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

Want to share your reason? Tell us why you #GiveYourKidsAShot using the hashtag and tagging @sabinvaccine on social media. Or, fill out our Google forms if you are a parenthealth care professionalscientist or teacher so the Sabin team can share your answer!