Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

Passing through a leafy neighborhood of Brazzaville, we turn into the well kept confines of the national immunization program. Each office is named for its function: Surveillance,  Statistics and Data Management and so on.

In the cold room, we find a team working hard on this Saturday morning, preparing to dispatch enough measles vaccine, Vitamin A and mebendazole capsules for a mass campaign about to reach 800,000 children.

Soon after, national immunization manager, Dr. Herman Boris DIDI NGOSSAKI, steps into the office, dressed in full campaign regalia. People are coming and going, loading vehicles, preparing. Dr. DIDI takes time to meet with us to discuss advocacy strategies for immunization financing for the coming year. His phone rings incessantly but he is fully engaged in the discussion. A true multi-tasker doing what he loves best. Immunization Program Budget Manager Mme. Clementine MASSENGO pops in.

Congo Brazzaville is close to achieving the sustainable immunization financing goal.

Our work complete, we pause for a picture. (from left to right: Sabin SPO Dr. Helene Mambu-Ma-Disu, SIF Director Mike McQuestion, Mme. Clementine MASSENGO, Dr. Boris DIDI).