It’s been five years since the Sabin Vaccine Institute launched the END7 campaign to end neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). With your support, we mobilized funding to support programs that treated more than 50 million people, helped increase US and UK funding for NTDs and spread awareness of the global NTD burden.

As of June 1, 2017 we are no longer accepting donations for NTD treatment programs and we are concluding the END7 campaign.

The Sabin Vaccine Institute, home of the END7 campaign, is dedicated to making vaccines more accessible, enabling innovation and expanding immunization across the globe. We intend to focus our energy going forward on expanding immunization. Learn more about Sabin’s mission and Sabin's work.

Over the last decade Sabin was proud to be a part of the global fight against NTDs, mobilizing more than $165 million in resources, generating political will among endemic and donor countries and engaging the public to advocate for greater investment in NTD treatment. Sabin helped build a movement that has succeeded in bringing several NTDs to the brink of elimination.

More people than ever before are receiving treatment and many countries have eliminated NTDs such as elephantiasis and trachoma. As we conclude END7 fundraising, we are proud to have played a role in the global fight against NTDs.

We plan to award the balance of END7 donations received to date to control and eliminate elephantiasis and intestinal worms in Guyana. These funds will make a critical impact on Guyana’s effort to wrap up elephantiasis elimination activities by 2023 – a big step towards the goal of wiping out this disfiguring disease across the Americas.

Sabin always works closely with countries to plan and improve health care projects, whether it is NTD treatment or immunization programs. Today many of the countries we have partnered with to fight NTDs are stepping up to fund and run their own NTD programs, ensuring that the fight against these diseases is sustainable and the progress we have made will last.

Since the launch of our campaign, generous donors have helped deliver deworming pills to more than one million schoolchildren in Honduras, train more than 90,000 community health workers to carry out a national mass drug administration campaign in Myanmar and taught more than 1,500 people with the NTD lymphatic filariasis in India how to care for their painfully swollen limbs.

This work is a proud chapter in Sabin’s legacy as we continue our mission with a renewed focus on vaccine-preventable diseases.  We remain grateful for your support and participation in END7 on behalf of people living in poverty and suffering from NTDs.

Stay tuned for an update about how you can stay engaged in the fight against NTDs. If you wish to continue donating to support NTD treatment, check out GiveWell’s recommendations of top charities.

Photo: Esther Haven