Late last month ONE launched a new campaign to increase funding for two new vaccines for pneumococcal and diarrheal diseases. The campaign video features kids asking “why bother?”

The little antagonists begin by listing reasons to not increase investments in vaccines. Of course, the reasons to support the increased utilization of new vaccines targeting pneumococcal disease and rotavirus (which come later) are much sounder.

Pneumonia and rotavirus represent the #1 and #2 leading causes of death for children under the age of five. Diarrheal disease and pneumonia—caused by pneumococcal disease—are treatable and preventable yet approximately 1.3 million children die of diarrheal disease and 1.5 million children die of pneumonia annually.

Vaccines have the power to save millions more lives. If that’s not reason enough to bother and sign ONE’s petition then you need to watch ONE’s video and learn more reasons why we should increase funding of childhood vaccines. Pay attention in case someone asks you “why bother?” You’re sure to have a few intelligent comebacks.