12 - 13 June 2006

The 7th International Rotavirus Symposium held in Lisbon, Portugal on July 12-13, 2006, brought together 350 participants from the European region to discuss the latest advances of Rotavirus vaccines. The objective of the meeting was to review the substantial progress made in two years toward safe, effective rotavirus vaccines and to address the challenge of ensuring that they get to the world’s poorest children.
The Symposium reviewed advances in rotavirus surveillance: continuation and expansion of hospital-based surveillance in more than 40 countries; 5 regional surveillance networks with data coming in on a regular basis; and laboratory networks in 5 centers around the world.
Participants reported on cost effectiveness studies in Europe, the United States, Bangladesh and Peru, and advances in computing systems and capabilities. Many noted that vaccine costs would be a key determinant in the feasibility and speed of vaccine introduction in both developed and developing countries.




Event Location: 
Lisbon, Portugal