From 2-3 November, 2018, 32 journalists from Moldova and Romania gathered to review the depth and breadth of science and policies that underpin vaccine research and development and national immunization programs. Journalists reviewed a variety of topics, including an introduction to vaccinology and clinical trials, current vaccines on the market and those on the horizon, vaccine safety ‒ through the vaccine development process as well as safety monitoring of vaccines in widespread use ‒ the intricacies, logistics, financing and policies of national immunization programs and their role in the control of vaccine-preventable diseases.

Fact-based reporting by the media is one of the most influential vehicles to promote health literacy and public health. This timely program addressed the critical role of vaccines to public health, the current measles outbreaks in the region and guidance on how to evaluate information sources in a 'fake news' era.

Event Date: 
Friday, November 2, 2018 to Saturday, November 3, 2018
Event Location: 
Sinaia, Romania