9 July 2009

On July 9th, Sabin Vaccine Institute hosted a group of high school students from National Youth Leadership Forum, comprised of outstanding students from across the country who are interested in careers in medicine.

Dr. Ami Brown, Director of Sabin's Human Hookworm Vaccine Initiative (HHVI), started the day by giving an overview on vaccinology and leading a tour of the laboratories at the George Washington University, where HHVI, in partnership with GWU, is currently developing vaccines for hookworm and schistosomiasis.

Back at Sabin headquarters, Erin Hohlfelder and Erin Finucane gave a presentation about the neglected tropical disease advocacy work of the Global Network. The students then learned about public health and Sabin's vaccine advocacy program from Aaron Ulland and Christina Morgan of the International Advocacy program. Finally, Sabin President Dr. Peter Hotez discussed the legacy of Dr. Sabin and the mission and goals of the Institute.