Houston Chronicle

Sabin President and Director of Sabin Product Development Partnership (PDP), Dr. Peter Hotez, is spearheading a government-sponsored effort to prepare North Africa and the Middle East so that the region doesn't produce the next infectious disease epidemic.

Dr. Hotez, named a U.S. science envoy in December, traveled to Morocco in February and will travel to Saudi Arabia and Qatar to assess these candidate countries for potential partnerships. Part of the program includes identifying institutions that can send their own scientists to train in Houston so they can return to their native country to  "ramp up" their vaccine production to prevent an epidemic.

"There's a persistent pattern to these outbreaks in the developing world the past 40 years that we can't keep ignoring," said Hotez. "Ebola was just version 3.0. We need to be ready for version 4.0. "


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