September 29, 2012 | The Lancet

Sabin Executive Vice President, Dr. Ciro de Quadros recently co-authored the following correspondence, which appeared in the September 29 edition of the Lancet.

Reducing the global burden of congenital rubella syndrome

In their Correspondence letter (July 21, p 217),1 F T Cutts and colleagues highlight challenges to rubella vaccination programmes that might arise with GAVI Alliance support for eligible countries to introduce rubella-containing vaccines. We wholeheartedly agree that expansion of rubella vaccination programmes cannot be “business as usual”.

Issues such as disparities in coverage, pockets of susceptibility, and targeted vaccination of women of childbearing age highlighted by Cutts and colleagues were also addressed in a recently published WHO position paper on rubella vaccine.2 The position paper stresses the need for strong routine vaccination programmes and supplemental immunisation activities to achieve high rubella vaccination coverage (≥80%), and efforts to reach women of childbearing age. Although GAVI Alliance support does not directly fund strategies for vaccination of such women, the board called on governments to fund additional vaccination efforts for this group...

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