Did you know that Czech children can receive vaccination against the treacherous pneumococcal infection from two months of age? A three year-old boy has recently died from it in our country. Pneumococcus often causes serious infections in various parts of the human body. They can be divided into serious invasive disease and non-invasive infections of the upper breathing apparatus (barotitis, nasal cavity infl ammations). For example, pneumococcal meningitis results in serious hearing disorder in 30% of cases. Other consequences include mental retardation, repeated seizures (epilepsy), and speech and sight disorders. The timely vaccination is an effective means of protection against invasive infection. The scheme of vaccination depends on age. The younger the child, the more vaccination doses the child gets (4 maximum). The parents can, of course, be discouraged by a considerably high price – one dose is CZK 1800. Do not hesitate and ask your pediatrician for details.