Dr. Peter Hotez is quoted in a Deseret article, explaining why pharmaceutical companies face unique challnegnes when it comes to fighting neglected diseases worldwide.

"Imagine you are in a business course and are given the following scenario: Your marketing department has found an opportunity for your business. It has identified a clear problem that, with research, time and heavy investment your company can solve. This solution comes with the caveat that you will be creating a product for a market that is underdeveloped, that is difficult to distribute and that has customers who cannot afford to pay for your offering.

Given this scenario, most of us would ask the professor if this was a joke, or some sort of thought experiment designed to help students confront the impossible. Unfortunately, this scenario is very real. Dubbed “the business plan from hell” by Peter Hotez, president of the Sabin Vaccine Institute, the case above is the exact challenge facing pharmaceutical companies that try to fight neglected and deadly diseases worldwide.
Roughly 90 percent of humanity’s disease burden occurs in the developing world. And yet only 3 percent of research and development budgets in the pharmaceutical industry are focused on diseases in these areas. Why?"