WASHINGTON, D.C. — December 10, 2014 — The Sabin Vaccine Institute (Sabin) today announced that its Board of Trustees unanimously appointed Axel Hoos, MD, PhD, to serve as the interim Chairman of the Board. Building upon the past successes of late Chairman Morton P. Hyman, Dr. Hoos will be instrumental to providing continuity to the institute and to Sabin’s efforts in launching new programs, clinical trials and advocacy campaigns around the world.

Dr. Hoos has been a member of Sabin’s Board of Trustees since 2006, providing valuable guidance during a period of tremendous growth in the scope and reach of the organization.

“Dr. Hoos’ deep familiarity with Sabin, combined with a unique understanding of drug development and the global health landscape, will be instrumental to Sabin’s mission of reducing needless human suffering from vaccine-preventable and neglected tropical diseases (NTDs),” said Ambassador Michael W. Marine, CEO of Sabin.

Currently, Dr. Hoos is Vice President, Oncology R&D at pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), where he is responsible for building GSK’s Immuno-Oncology portfolio. Previously, Dr. Hoos was the Medical Lead for Immunology/Oncology at Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), where he developed Yervoy (Ipilimumab; anti CTLA-4), a the first successful therapy in the field of Immuno-Oncology. He holds an MD from Ruprecht-Karls-University and a PhD from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), both in Heidelberg, Germany. He trained at the Technical University in Munich, Germany, and at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, and is an alumnus of the Executive Leadership Program at Harvard Business School.

“Sabin operates at the leading edge of global health advocacy and the development of new vaccines for the world’s most underserved communities,” said Dr. Hoos. “It has been a privilege to be involved in the organization’s pioneering work and I believe Sabin’s best years lie ahead. I look forward to continuing my work with Sabin’s Board of Trustees, management team and staff in this new role.”


About the Sabin Vaccine Institute

The Sabin Vaccine Institute (Sabin) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization of scientists, researchers and advocates dedicated to reducing needless human suffering from vaccine-preventable and neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). Since its founding in 1993 in honor of Dr. Albert B. Sabin, the developer of the oral polio vaccine, Sabin has been at the forefront of global efforts to eliminate, prevent and cure infectious and neglected tropical diseases.

Sabin develops new vaccines, advocates for increased use of existing vaccines and promotes expanded access to affordable medical treatments in collaboration with governments, academic institutions, scientists, medical professionals and other non-profit organizations. For more information please visit www.sabin.org.

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