June 25, 2009

Washington, DC - Prof. Peter Hotez, MD, PhD was named today an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (RSHTM). The award has been a tradition of RSHTM for more than 100 years and is presented to individuals who have made outstanding contributions towards the objectives of the Society. RSHTM's mission is to promote and advance the study, control, prevention and treatment of tropical diseases, to facilitate discussion, exchange of information and promotion of the health of those affected by tropical diseases.

Dr. Hotez is President of the Sabin Vaccine Institute, whose mission is to reduce the suffering from infectious and neglected tropical diseases. Founded in 1993, Sabin builds bridges between leaders in science, academia, industry, and government to conduct research and create science-based solutions to worldwide health threats. As President of Sabin, Hotez was a co-founder, along with RSHTM President and Profs. David H. Molyneux and Alan Fenwick, Managing Director Kari Stoever and several others, of the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases. The Global Network was launched at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2006 with the goal of eliminating the suffering of the 1.4 billion people worldwide suffering from neglected tropical diseases. Dr. Hotez is also a Distinguished Research Professor and Walter G. Ross Professor and Chair of the Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Tropical Medicine at George Washington University and Principal Scientist and Founding Director of the Human Hookworm Vaccine Initiative (HHVI), which created the first-ever vaccine development program against human hookworm infection.

As President of Sabin, he also works with the Sabin team on developing vaccines for the neglected tropical disease schistosomiasis and on vaccine advocacy and sustainable immunization financing to ensure that even the very poorest people have access to essential vaccines and that their governments build capacity to procure vaccines and deliver these life-saving products.

Dr. Hotez is author of Forgotten People, Forgotten Diseases: The Neglected Tropical Diseases and Their Impact on Global Health and Development, as well as over 200 scientific papers. He is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the open-access scientific journal PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases. "It is truly a great privilege to receive this extraordinary honorary fellowship. I have had the deep pleasure of working with the Society on our shared mission to end the neglect of tropical diseases. I am truly honored and look forward to continuing our important work to end the suffering of more than one billion people worldwide," stated Dr. Hotez.

Past recipients of the honorary fellowship have included Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal, KG KT GCVO; Prof. D. Bunnag; and Prof. A.G. Chabaud.

About Sabin Vaccine Institute
Sabin Vaccine Institute is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to reducing human suffering from infectious and neglected diseases. Through its efforts in vaccine research, development and advocacy, Sabin works to provide greater access to vaccines and essential medicines for millions mired in pain, poverty and despair. Founded in 1993 in honor of Dr. Albert B. Sabin, discoverer of the oral polio vaccine, the Sabin Vaccine Institute works with prestigious institutions, scientists, medical professionals, and organizations to provide short and long-term solutions that result in healthier individuals, families and communities around the globe.