MedImmune, Inc. Scientific Founders, the Serum Institute of India, and CNN Talk Show Host Larry King to Receive Sabin Awards at New York City Gala

NEW CANAAN, CT, JUNE 29, 2005 —The Sabin Vaccine Institute will recognize extraordinary contributors to disease research and healthcare innovations at its black-tie gala beginning at 6:30 p.m. on June 29, 2005 at the University Club in New York City. The event, themed “Celebrating Leadership in Global Health,” will honor three leaders in the field of infectious disease research from biotechnology leader MedImmune, Inc.; the founder and scientific director of the Serum Institute of India, a leading vaccine manufacturer in the global vaccine delivery infrastructure; and CNN talk show host Larry King, whose Cardiac Care Foundation assists those in need of medical care.

“This year’s award recipients are unique in their innovative spirit and compassionate dedication of their corporate and personal resources to help protect the health of their fellow citizens,” said H.R. Shepherd, chairman of the Sabin Vaccine Institute. “Whether by developing truly innovative and breakthrough advancements in medicine as MedImmune’s scientific founders have successfully done, or by meeting the demands of quality and volume of vaccine supply for large populations, as the Serum Institute of India has accomplished, or through personal commitment to a compelling healthcare cause, as in the case of Mr. King, all of our award recipients are outstanding humanitarians and philanthropists. The Sabin Institute is honored to recognize these individuals and to witness their progress on scientific and healthcare fronts.”

The Sabin Awards benefit is chaired this year by William R. Berkley, chairman and CEO of W. R. Berkley Corporation, with benefit co-chairs George B. Moore, first vice president at Merrill Lynch; Georges C. St. Laurent, Jr., principal of St. Laurent Properties; Adel Mahmoud, M.D., Ph.D., president, Merck Vaccines, Merck & Co., Inc.; and Kevin L. Reilly, trustee of the Sabin Vaccine Institute. The honorary benefit chair is H.R. Shepherd, D.Sc. The master of ceremonies for the event will be Dr. Max Gomez, health and science editor at NewsChannel 4 in New York. His medical and health reports appear live weekdays on “Live at Five.”

Receiving the 2005 Albert B. Sabin Humanitarian Award are the scientific founders of MedImmune, Inc., including its Chairman, Founder and former Chief Executive Officer, Wayne T. Hockmeyer, Ph.D., who currently serves as President of the company’s venture capital subsidiary, MedImmune Ventures, Inc.; James F. Young, Ph.D., the company’s President of Research and Development, and Franklin H. Top, Jr., M.D., MedImmune’s former Executive Vice President and Medical Director who now serves as a Senior Vice President of MedImmune Ventures and Medical Counsel to MedImmune. Since its inception in 1988, and thanks to the dedication of scientists such as Drs. Hockmeyer, Young and Top, MedImmune has invested more than $1 billion to develop new preventative therapies, including the first monoclonal antibody to prevent an infectious disease, the first innovation in influenza vaccine technology in more than 50 years, and one of the first vaccines that has the potential to prevent cancer caused by human papillomavirus. MedImmune’s medical advancements have helped protect hundreds of thousands of people, from the most fragile of infants, to school-aged children, to vulnerable cancer patients. The company is committed to advancing science to develop better medicines that help people live healthier, longer and more satisfying lives.

Serum Institute of India, Ltd., headquartered in Pune, India, emerged over the last 35 years to become the largest exporter of vaccines from India, with its products being exported to 138 countries across the globe. Chairman Cyrus S. Poonawalla, Ph.D. will receive the Humanitarian Award and Executive Director Suresh S. Jadhav, Ph.D. will receive the Award for Scientific Excellence. The 2005 Sabin Global Corporate Philanthropy Award will recognize the company’s efforts. Poonawalla’s corporate ethic is tempered by a commitment to health for all with affordable vaccines and he is known as a supporter of multiple charitable causes in his country and beyond. The Serum Institute is the realization of his dream to create a world-class vaccine manufacturing facility. Jadhav’s 34 years of technical expertise in vaccine manufacturing, including pharmacology, standardization of biochemical methods, and validation of various production and quality control processes served to assure accreditation from the World Health Organization for nine of the company’s vaccines.

Larry King, host of Larry King Live on CNN, will also receive a 2005 Albert B. Sabin Humanitarian Award. In addition to his legendary broadcasting career, King founded the Larry King Cardiac Foundation, which has raised millions of dollars and provided life-saving cardiac procedures for nearly 60 needy children and adults.

The Albert B. Sabin Vaccine Institute’s mission is to prevent disease by advancing development of new vaccines and increasing immunization rates. Founded in 1993, the Institute is headquartered in New Canaan, Connecticut. The Institute pursues Dr. Albert Sabin’s vision of a world protected from disease by vaccines.