Dr. Ciro de Quadros, a public health hero and the Sabin Vaccine Institute’s Executive Vice President and Director of Vaccine Advocacy and Education, passed away peacefully yesterday at his home in Washington, DC, surrounded by his family. The following are statements from Sabin’s executive leadership reflecting on the profound difference that Ciro made during his lifetime.

Mr. Morton Hyman, Chairman:

“The Sabin Vaccine Institute joins a global community of friends, colleagues, partners and admirers in celebrating the life of Ciro de Quadros, our Executive Vice President and one of the most influential public health advocates of the past 50 years. Ciro now enters a pantheon of global health leaders whose work reflects the shared legacy of saving millions of lives from needless suffering through the advancement of breakthrough health practices. His passion, leadership and commitment to wiping out vaccine-preventable diseases shaped the Sabin Vaccine Institute into the organization it is today and provided critical guidance to countries seeking to gain greater financial independence in providing essential health care to their own citizens. Ciro’s enduring achievements will be measured in the lives he helped save and through the continued spread of national policies that ensure sustainable, equal access to essential vaccines. The Sabin Vaccine Institute’s Board of Trustees, officers and staff extend heartfelt condolences to Ciro’s family during this difficult time.”

Ambassador Michael W. Marine, CEO:

“Yesterday we lost a giant in the world of public health. Revered by family, friends, and colleagues for his integrity, loyalty and humility, Ciro de Quadros regularly challenged the political status quo through his insistence that the world’s most marginalized communities receive equal, affordable access to life-saving vaccines. As a direct result of his tireless advocacy and steadfast conviction that good health is a fundamental human right, millions of children around the world are alive today, and millions more have grown into healthy, productive adults. Ciro loved working in under-served communities and interacting with people who could benefit most from improved access to immunization programs. Most notably, his unparalleled ability to unite partners under the common goals of improved health and socioeconomic well-being accelerated monumental public health achievements, such as worldwide smallpox eradication and polio eradication from the Western Hemisphere, and laid the groundwork for the type of collaboration commonplace in public health endeavors today. To honor his memory and fulfill his vision, we should all continue to be guided by Ciro’s optimism and unwavering belief that the elimination of some of the most pernicious diseases of our time is achievable. I offer my sincerest condolences to his family.”

Dr. Peter Hotez, President:

“Ciro de Quadros was one of the most successful, principled and dedicated men I’ve ever known. More than any other single individual, Ciro is identified as leading efforts to eradicate polio and measles in the Americas. Building from the credibility that he established following decades of implementing such successful, scalable public health initiatives, Ciro became one of the foremost advocates for sustainable immunization policies in low- and middle-income countries. He was a leading champion for countries to own and manage their own health programs, leading efforts such as the Expanded Program on Immunization in the Americas, which transformed the practice of public health and saved countless lives in the process. Today, many national vaccine programs bear the hallmarks of Ciro’s progressive approach to fostering the development of lasting, country-led vaccine programs. He was an extraordinary global health advocate – making the impossible possible – as well as a dear friend and mentor. I will miss him terribly.”

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