Researchers to Meet on Cutting-edge Cancer Vaccine Development at 2004 Colloquium on Cancer Vaccines and Immunotherapy

NEW CANAAN, CT— Approximately forty of the world’s leading cancer vaccine researchers will meet this week at a scientific colloquium organized by the Albert B. Sabin Vaccine Institute. Convening in think-tank sessions, they will report on the latest developments in this promising field of therapy focused on stimulation of the body’s immune system to attack existing cancerous cells.


Sabin Vaccine Institute a Sponsor of the 2nd Biodefense Vaccines, Therapeutics and Diagnostics Conference

The U.S. Government's commitment to rapidly develop biomedical countermeasures against bioterrorist threats has stimulated a tremendous boost to biodefense research, a big push to expand research resources and facilities, and a growing dedication to build a robust biodefense industry.