From 19-22 February 2013, Sabin Executive Vice-President Dr. Ciro de Quadros and Program Officer Brian Shaw participated in the SEARO Regional Consultation on Measles Elimination and Rubella/CRS Control, held in Kathmandu, Nepal. As a member of the Measles Rubella Initiative (MRI), Sabin is committed to the elimination of measles, rubella & congenital rubella syndrome (CRS).
Rwanda’s measles-rubella vaccination campaign, which is being launched today, is the beginning of an effort to vaccinate more than 700 million children under 15 years of age against two disabling and deadly diseases.
São Paulo, Brazil

The Lancet: Reducing the global burden of congenital rubella syndrome

September 29, 2012 | The Lancet

Sabin Executive Vice President, Dr. Ciro de Quadros recently co-authored the following correspondence, which appeared in the September 29 edition of the Lancet.

Reducing the global burden of congenital rubella syndrome

The Lancet
One year ago at the GAVI Alliance pledge conference, partners exceeded expectations by pledging $4.3 billion dollars.

Dr. de Quadros and Hotez featured in Vaccine special supplement!