Vaccine Science and Policy Experts Call for Transformation of Vaccine R&D Enterprise

In a new report, “Powering Vaccine R&D: Opportunities for Transformation,” the Sabin-Aspen Vaccine Science & Policy Group uses lessons learned from the rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines to explore opportunities to overhaul vaccine R&D practices to better prepare for the next pandemic, to make strides against diseases currently without vaccines, and to establish next-generation vaccines that offer meaningful improvements.
As the world celebrates World Immunization Week with the theme “Vaccines Bring us Closer,” Sabin’s Vaccine Acceptance & Demand initiative and Boost Community recognize the vital work health care workers and immunization professionals in low- and middle-income countries are doing to bring their communities closer to a world free from vaccine-preventable diseases.

This blog post is part of Sabin’s Pivoting in a Pandemic series, which captures stories of extraordinary leaders who are adapting to advance research and public health in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This blog post is part of Sabin’s Vaccine IQ: Intro to Vaccine Research & Development series, in which experts from Sabin’s Vaccine R&D team give an introduction to how vaccines are made, explaining the stages of research, development and testing vaccine candidates must go th

What we commonly know now as “The Tuskegee Syphilis Study” is perhaps the most well-known example of unethical treatment of Black Americans by the US medical community, but by no means the only.

Priority setting is critical to making sustainable decisions for introducing new and underutilized vaccines, in choosing among vaccine products, and in determining who gets a vaccine first when supplies are limited.

The project will explore the spread of misinformation and its social drivers in the border community to inform an intervention addressing circulated misinformation.
Sabin’s Vaccine Acceptance and Demand initiative is proud to support a collaborative study between Dow University of Health Science and Aga Khan University researchers, led by principal investigator Rubina Qasim.