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Annual Report

Sabin is grateful to the foundations, philanthropy, government funding, corporations and individual donors who share our vision of a world free from vaccine-preventable diseases. Explore what we achieved together this past year.

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    2021 Impact Report

    Expanding Research, Access, and Equity of Vaccines During the Pandemic

  2. 2020 Impact Report Cover
    2020 Impact Report

    Adapting for This Moment & the Future

    See how we advanced vaccines and vaccinations during and after the pandemic.

  3. 2019 Annual Report Cover

    Connectivity for Change

    Sabin’s 2019 progress forged powerful connections between leading decision makers across the realms of science, business, policy, public health and philanthropy – ensuring that life-saving vaccines can reach the families that need them, when they need them.

  4. 2018 Annual Report Cover

    Advancing Immunization Through Truth & Trust

    2018 marked 25 years since Heloisa Sabin co-founded the Sabin Vaccine Institute in memory of her husband, immunization pioneer Dr. Albert Sabin.

    With the partnership of committed funders, the Sabin Vaccine Institute advanced evidence-based resources for policy makers, scientists and researchers, health professionals and business leaders to help more communities worldwide benefit from life-saving vaccines.

  5. 2017 Annual Report Cover

    2017 Annual Report

    In 2017, we welcomed new leadership, launched initiatives and continued our efforts to enable vaccine access and uptake, advance vaccine knowledge and innovation, and support research and development for vaccines and immunization.