Immunization Advocates

Health Information Gatekeepers Save Lives

We support journalists and health workers to report, communicate or advocate for vaccines and immunization.


About Immunization Advocates

Misinformation and disinformation can spread faster than ever before, and journalists and health workers play a vital role in building trust in vaccines in their communities. Understanding scientific concepts and clearly communicating information on vaccines and immunization is critical to public health and communities.

Mapping of community by volunteersSince 2020, Sabin’s Immunization Advocates program has fostered partnerships to build a science-based dialogue on vaccines with journalists and health workers in low- and middle-income countries. We provide health workers and media professionals with the training, tools and connections they need to help families and communities across low- and middle-income countries get access to the facts about vaccination and inform decisionmakers to advance health policies.

Immunization Advocates also promotes opportunities for policymakers and influencers to hear and learn from health workers, journalists, researchers and other immunization professionals at the forefront of vaccine delivery, acceptance and demand – ensuring the voices of these close-to-community professionals inform global health policy.

  • Working with partners like Internews, IWMF and AVAC, we have provided at least 260 journalists with training and mentorships to deepen evidence-based media coverage of vaccines and immunization. More than 600 journalists and media professionals from 68 countries have attended discussions with reputable experts in the vaccine and immunization field.
  • More than 6,900 health workers from 147 countries registered for a course developed by our partner, the International Pediatric Association, with training in infodemiology, behavioral science, advocacy and other themes.
  • In collaboration with Nursing Now Challenge, seven nurses were selected from a competitive process to receive training on storytelling. They are currently engaged in activities within their communities and globally to advocate for vaccine uptake and equity.