4 People discussing a poster at the VARN 2023 conference

Vaccination Acceptance Research Network

Two people reviewing a poster at the VARN2023 conference

Our network is comprised of multidisciplinary and multisectoral professionals focused on surfacing evidence-based solutions from research and practice to optimize vaccine acceptance, demand, and delivery in low-resourced settings, which are critical to boosting vaccine uptake, public health, and economies.

Cholera vaccination campaign in Somalia. Somalia is one of several countries which has seen a resurgence of cholera this year. UNICEF/UNI155431/Ohanesian

About VARN

The Vaccination Acceptance Research Network (VARN) membership includes academic researchers, global and community health practitioners, individuals affiliated with non-governmental organization and civil society, and Sabin’s Social and Behavioral Research Grant Program partners working across disciplines to link social and behavioral search insights with immunization policy, programming, and practice policy in low- and middle-income country settings to:

  • Analyze vaccination topics from various theoretical and methodological approaches to guide the design of community-informed solutions around vaccination acceptance, demand, and delivery
  • Share practical knowledge, research, and resources through VARN convened-events
  • Serve on working groups to collaboratively approach vaccination challenges
  • Co-create knowledge management assets to translate knowledge to action and advocacy
  • Set research and learning agendas to move the field(s) forward
Anuradha Gupta speaking at VARN2023
VARN2023 Conference

When Communities Lead, Global Immunization Succeeds

Co-convened with UNICEF and co-sponsored by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and in support of COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Partnership priority countries, Sabin hosted VARN2023, a space for exploration and wide dissemination of knowledge, practice, and evidence-informed strategies for driving action across the vaccination acceptance, demand, and delivery ecosystem.