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Applied Epidemiology


Generating Data for the Prevention of Infectious Diseases

Our Applied Epidemiology program partners with local researchers in high-risk communities to gather and analyze data on infectious disease spread and the impact of new vaccines.

Positioned at the intersection of research and policy, the team strengthens the evidence base through an expansive research portfolio and subsequently, translates that evidence into action for prevention.

Generating Evidence for Action

Our Applied Epidemiology Program generates evidence for vaccine policy makers, including conducting clinical surveillance to measure burden of disease and studying vaccine safety and immunogenicity, effectiveness, and impact. We are committed to generating actionable results, and use our global advocacy experience to translate data into tools for the prevention of infectious diseases.

Denise Garrett

“The COVID-19 pandemic created pressure for an effective vaccine, which led to large doses being tested to ensure efficacy; however, if Sabin finds that lower doses can be as effective as full doses, more vaccines may be available for more people if they are needed.”

Denise Garrett

Vice President, Applied Epidemiology