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Immunization professionals facilitate every aspect of immunization programs, from cost-effective procurement of vaccines to the vigilant monitoring of vaccine safety and efficacy. However, immunization professionals contend with isolation, rapidly changing environments and limited resources. To move their own careers and immunization goals forward, immunization professionals are seeking new ways to connect, learn and build leadership skills.

Boost, previously known as the IAIM Network, fosters a global community that enables immunization professionals to connect with peers and experts, learn skills that build capacity and advance careers, and lead immunization programs in challenging contexts.

Developed in close, ongoing collaboration with immunization program staff, organizations and experts, Boost provides online and offline opportunities for immunization professionals to connect, learn and lead. Boost connects immunization professionals to peers, support and resources to learn and grow, and equips professionals to lead in challenging situations.

Boost professional development opportunities include workshops, webinars and expert- and peer-led discussions. These offerings are designed to deliver meaningful leadership training and support networks that go beyond skills-based learning to create resilient, resourceful immunization professionals around the world.

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Since 2013, Sabin has helped advance global vaccination efforts by bringing together immunization professionals from more than 100 countries to share the latest information and build essential skills to strengthen immunization programs around the world.