Exploring Determinants of Response-Ready Influenza Vaccination Programs in Middle-Income Countries

With funding support from Ready2Respond, we set out to identify key factors that underpin the development and maintenance of effective annual influenza programs in middle-income countries, to understand how such programs influenced country response to COVID-19, and to provide an initial evaluation of how key characteristics and lessons learned can increase influenza vaccine coverage rates and improve the pandemic readiness and resilience of influenza immunization programs.

The objectives of this project were to critically examine factors driving influenza vaccine uptake and contributing to response-readiness and resiliency within the middle-income country context.

This will drive future work to develop a well-defined replicable model for countries with similar governance and health system structures to:

  • Increase vaccine coverage rates
  • Expand and sustain influenza vaccination programs
  • Spur investment in seasonal influenza vaccine programs as a means for broader pandemic preparedness.